The Amazing Rides of Imagica

Imagica is an amazing 300-acre theme park located, around 50 km from Mumbai, in Khopoli. There are many rides at Imagica that are suitable for both adults and children. In this post, I’m going to write about my favourite rides, that are totally worth your time, money, and energy.

Timings of the park are from 10am to 7pm. Make sure you go for the outdoor rides first because they remain shut from 1pm to 4pm.

1. Nitro


This is my favourite ride at Imagica. You will come across this ride just as you enter. This amazing roller coaster reaches a maximum height of 132 feet and a maximum speed of 65.2 miles per hour. The ride lasts for hardly 2-3 minutes, but the experience will stay with you throughout your life.


2. Scream Machine


I have been to Imagica many times, but I have not been able to brave the Scream Machine. This lethal ride spins and swings at the same time. Since it swings like a pendulum, it is also called The Pendulum. This one is not for the faint-hearted.


3. Dare 2 Drop (D2)

As the name suggests, this ride dares you to drop at a crazy speed of over 70 km/hr from a height of more than 130 feet. Feel the thrill of weightlessness as you shoot up towards the sky and come down in dashing speed.


4. Gold Rush Express

Enter the world of cowboys and sheriffs with a ride in the Gold Rush Express. This amazing roller coaster takes you to the Wild West in a whirl of tunnels and fun. If you can brave the Nitro and D2, this ride should be like a piece of cake.


5. Alibaba Aur Chaalis Chor


Help Alibaba get rid of the cunning thieves who have invaded the kingdom of Gulabad.

**SPOILER** You set off in a cart, armed with laser guns, to shoot the thieves and protect the royal treasure. Every time you hit a thief, you score points. There is no prize for the winner; it’s just for fun.


6. Salimgarh


Step into this horror house to meet the most ugly ghosts, listen to the most scary tales, and scream your lungs out. They take you through a trail full of gruesome ghosts, bloody corridors, and screaming witches.

**SPOILER** If at all you think you are too brave or if you get used to the darkness within a few minutes, hold onto you seats because the end is even more spine-chilling.


7. Deep Space

Travel in the world of the galaxies and outer space in this indoor roller coaster. What’s thrilling about this ride is that the roller coaster does through a dark tunnel. Also, I felt this roller coaster goes ahead in a very high and crazy speed. The guards ask you to keep your head straight during the ride. But dude that’s not possible! Because I’m petrified! While going on this ride, make sure you are not wearing anything metallic, like hair clips, because the seats of this ride are magnetic.


8. I For India


Get an aerial view of most of the popular and beautiful places in India. You feel as though you are flying in a helicopter all around India. The seats of this ride are located a few feet above the ground. If you are scared of heights, you can occupy the seats located at ground level.

**SPOILER** According to me, the view of Taj Mahal and Golden Temple is most beautiful.


9. Prince of the Dark Waters


Watch a splendid animated 360-degree movie in a wonderful dome screen. I was watching the movie lying on my back on the floor. It is a real visual treat. The movie is an amazing tale of a mysterious Prince and a beautiful Princess.


10. Mr. India


This is kinda like a sequel to everyone’s favourite Bollywood movie, Mr India. Join Mr India, Miss Hawa Hawai, and their robotic dog, Toota Phoota, in their quest to save Imagica from being destroyed by the evil villain, Mogambo. The experience is voiced by Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. This ride takes you through a virtual tour of Imagica as you go flying with Mr India.


11. Wrath of the Gods

An archeologist takes you inside the ruins of an ancient temple dedicated to the forces of the elements – fire, wind, and water. Since you have entered without their permission, be ready to face their wrath. Will the archeologist find a way to pacify or defeat them?


12. Rajasaurus River Adventure


This is Imagica’s water roller coaster. Enter the prehistoric world of the fearsome dinosaur, Rajasaurus, in this awesome water adventure.

**SPOILER** When I came to Imagica for the first time, I assumed that this is just a fake dinosaur house, where a water boat takes you through a channel of a made-up prehistoric world. I was quite relieved at first as I was having an enormous adrenaline rush caused by the Nitro, D2, and the other roller coasters. The channel is full of models of very cute and spectacular dinosaurs, that makes you feel like this is a ride for kids. Then the deadly beast, Rajasaurus, turns up. OK! You are scary Rajaji! And then all of a sudden, the cart lowers and you hit the water at high speed.


13. Tubby Takes Off


Go flying with Tubby, the cute red elephant, in this merry-go-round. You can adjust the height and direction of your seat in this fun ride.


14. Bump It Boats

Float in water in inflated boats and dash into your friend’s boat. This is boat version of bumping cars.


15. Crazy Tea Cups

Get ready to go all dizzy as you spin in cups and saucers. This ride is damn cool. We went there so many times. It gives you a well-deserved break after all the tough rides.


16. Motion Box Theatre


I always wanted to watch a 4D movie but just didn’t find any luck. My wish was fulfilled with Motion Box. It takes you through a wonderful 4D experience by the way of seat vibrations, aromas, water splashes, and what not!


17. Detective Bow Wow Show


Help Detective Bow Wow in solving his case in this fun show for children and adults. The animated Bow Wow asks questions and interacts with the audience in a comic and light-hearted way.


Hope you guys liked my blog post about Imagica. If you did, please give a star and start following my blog. Imagica is a great place to go for a short one-day or two-day trip. I love the place so much that I call it my WONDERLAND!

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33 thoughts on “The Amazing Rides of Imagica

  1. Penny says:

    I’m not really sure but wasn’t Imagica the place which had that nasty accident a about two years ago? I think there was something wrong with their safety protocols. Stay safe!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lisa N says:

    I was in Mumbai on the beginning of the year, would have loved to go to Imagica but unfortunately there was not nearly enough time so going to try go next time! Nitro and Scream Machine looks like my kind of rides!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ketki says:

    Its nice to see Imagica climbing the charts of popularity. Somehow i am never fascinated to visit such theme parks with rides. I loved the way you have given danger levels under each ride. Keep it up.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Faith Coates says:

    lol I just don’t “do” theme parks or any type of attraction like this anywhere in the world I am just too old for that kind of stuff, but I have to say I might go for the 4d theatre just to experience it once in a lifetime.

    Liked by 1 person

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