❤️ Valentine’s Day Photography Ideas & Hacks at Home (Valentines Day Photoshoot) ❤️

❤️ It’s the week of Love. So to celebrate Valentines Day this year, I did a love-themed photoshoot at home. It’s gonna be full of hearts, teddy bears, chocolates, wait, and watch! ❤️

Here is my video of the entire photoshoot 😘

Love is in the air! No wait, photography is in the air! 😍

Some tea and biscuits. A heart shape made by ketchup. 🍅
Let me cut this roti in a heart shape. 💜
I have made these hearts 💕 at home using the cloth of an old t-shirt I had. Let me place them to make some backgrounds.
With a cup of tea! 🍵
Two tea cups… 💞
With a Happy Valentine’s Day note💟
I’ve also made these small hearts. Just stuck some red paper over some cardboard. ❣
Hearts coming out of a cup! 💝
Hearts coming out of an envelope! 💌
A cute squirrel holding a heart. So cute! 🐿️

Happy Valentines Day guys. I don’t think Valentines Day is for lovers only. We can celebrate the love amongst our family and friends too. And you guys are my virtual friends. So Happy Valentines Day from me and my family. I hope you liked my photos guys. Do comment on what you want to read more on my blog and share the love.💗

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