10 Best Travel Channels on YouTube

YouTube is one of the best platforms to portray your passion and talent to the world. And when that passion is ‘Travel’, the videos become even more informative, cinematic, and fun to watch.

Here are 10 amazing YouTubers I follow, for my daily dose of inspiration. Their videos have been damn useful in helping me plan for my trips and follow my wanderlust.

Before I start with my list, I would like to engage in some self promotion. I have started vlogging my travel stories on YouTube. Please go check out my channel here or, down below by clicking at the thumbnail; and don’t forget to subscribe! :1


OK, now here’s my list:

1. Mumbiker Nikhil

What really sets this channel apart is Nikhil’s bike rides. He has been biking all around India and a few places outside India too. With his GoPro attached to him while driving, you sometimes feel you are riding the bike with Nikhil.


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2. Expert Vagabond

Looking for your inspiration to go explore the world? Then head over to Expert Vagabond on YouTube to witness their exciting adventures and passionate journeys.


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3. Gotta Do India

This is where Scherezade Shroff uploads her amazing travel vlogs. Gotta Do India is India’s first made-for-YouTube travel show.


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4. Hopscotch The Globe

Kristen Sarah shares her travel tips and stories in a beautiful and homourous way. With a new video every week, her videos are totally cool to watch.


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5. Peter McKinnon

Although Peter McKinnon’s videos are more inclined towards photography and cinematography, they are a real visual treat. Epic timelapses, sexy drone shots, top-notch editing, cinematic flair, Peter McKinnon’s travel videos have it all.


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6. The Planet D

Dave and Deb take you around the world every Sunday and Thursday with their splendid videos. They have been to more than 100 countries on all 7 continents.


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7. Migrationology

Mark explores delicious food from different parts of the world. Snakehead fish, eel curry, spiny lobsters, Thai chilly frog – Mark has tasted it all!


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8. Sonia’s Travels

Her fantastic travel vlogs and how-to videos are all you need with your morning coffee. Wherever she goes, she cracks the secret code of that place and enjoys herself to the fullest.


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9. The Blonde Abroad

Travel, lifestyle, fashion, food, photography – this channel has videos about all the things you need to know for your solo trip. I especially love her video of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


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10. Gallivanting Bean

A travel addict who uploads videos every week for the joy of crazy travellers like me. Her videos are fun and engaging, with her travelling to different parts of the globe.


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Which YouTubers do you follow? Let me know down below in the comments section. If you liked my blog, please give it a star and start following it. Thank you and Happy Travelling!


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