How to Find a Cheap Flight

Having to pay a hefty price for a flight can burn a very deep hole in your pocket. So deep that it can take months for you to fill it up! So be smart and make your journey memorable as well as affordable.

Here are a few tips that may be helpful for you:

1. Book as early as possible

I booked my flight to Chennai only 2 weeks before my trip. This made me pay almost 70 percent more than the normal rates. Try to book at least a month in advance.


2. Collect promo codes

I have started collecting so many promo codes and offers from so many websites. MakeMyTrip and Cleartrip are my favourite when it comes to offers and discounts.


3. Be flexible with your travel dates

If you want to go on Saturday, but the flight rates for Friday are cheaper; it will be better if you go for the flight on Friday. It will save you loads of money by compromising a little bit on your travel dates and timings. Mostly early morning flights are cheaper.


4. Book your flight before everything else

Your flight should be the first thing you book – before your hotel, car hire, and everything else. While going to Chennai, I booked my hotel first. So I couldn’t change my travel dates, and had to buy a very expensive flight ticket.


5. Search, search, search

Look for the best flight on every website you can. The price changes with every website.


6. Go for budget carriers

Go for budget carriers like GoAir and Indigo Airlines, instead of premium carriers. Going on a flight is anyway a luxury!


7. Avoid connecting flights

Many a times, you end up paying more for connecting flights. That’s because you have to pay for two flights instead of one.


8. Make note of the baggage restrictions

Check the baggage restrictions of your flight. You don’t want your precious belongings to be confiscated at the airport. Make note if your flight is marked as ‘Hand Baggage Only’ while booking.


I hope the above tips are of use to you. If they are, please give this post a star and start following my blog. There will be more travel related stuff coming soon. Thank you! 🙂

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