A Visit to Mumbai’s 1st Museum – Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum

My friend asked me to accompany her for a visit to the Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum. She said it has great artifacts and statues that are worth photographing. A very good practice session for our photography! I thought, that since the subjects in the museum are not moving, it would be great to play with the manual mode of my camera. So let’s get going!

If you are too bored to read ahead, watch my vlog at the museum here or by clicking on the thumbnail down below.


About The Museum

Formerly known as the Victoria and Albert Museum, Dr Bhau Daji Lad Museum is Mumbai’s 1st and India’s 3rd museum. It was first opened for the public in 1857 for exhibiting to the world the country’s rich cultural traditions. By 1997, the museum went into a state of disrepair. It underwent renovation and was reopened for the public in 2008. It was inaugurated by Mr. Uddhav Thackeray and attended by several city leaders and citizens.


General Information


It is located within the premises of the Rani Baug Zoo in Byculla. It is within walking distance of Byculla Railway Station.


10.00 am to 6.00 pm (Tickets sold up to 5.30 pm).
Closed on Wednesdays and certain public holidays.
Ticket Charges
Adult, 13 and above – Rs. 10/-
Child, 6 to 12 years – Rs. 5/-
Infant, 5 and below – Free
Student, under 12 (with school groups or valid ID) – Rs. 2/-
Student, 13 and above (with school/college groups or valid ID) – Rs. 5/-
Photography Guidelines
Photographs taken at the museum cannot be sold or used commercially in any way. Also, we cannot use a flash, tripod, or monopod.
Video recording is prohibited. I did not like this as I am a YouTuber and wanted to make a vlog about the place. So I made a video (the one listed above) with the help of my photographs only.




The museum showcases the story of Mumbai’s origins, communities, and development. You can find numerous paintings, maps, photographs, costumes, weapons, sculptures, fossils, and what not in this museum. My favourite statue to photograph was the statue of Prince Albert.


Statue of Prince Albert

Museum Plaza

This is a huge open space that holds exhibitions and many sculptures.


Museum Plaza

Museum Cafe

Adjacent to the Museum Plaza, you have an amazing cafe that serves snacks, coffee, tea, and cold drinks. This was a real respite from the April heat as, you cannot bring food and water inside the museum.


Museum Cafe

East Garden

We have a small garden area that houses amazing statues of former colonial officials.


East Garden

Elephanta Statue

The main attraction for me at the museum was the Elephanta Statue. The stone elephant was initially at the Elephanta Island. The British attempted to move it to England in 1864; but it broke and the reassembled pieces now stand outside the museum. I always wanted to see this statue but never got the chance to. Now I finally did and also photographed it! 😀


Elephanta Statue

I had a lot of fun visiting this amazing museum and can’t wait to explore it again. It is full of so many mysteries and curiosities. I felt like an overgrown child when I went there!

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