10 Tips For Travel Photography

For me, travel is equal to photography. On my trip, I love taking photographs of landscapes, my friends, the animals I find, and what not!

Are you planning your next vacation, and can’t wait to fill your memory card with photographs, too? Well, I hope these 10 tips offer you some help!

If you are too bored to read ahead, watch my video about these tips down below. :1

Thank you for coming down here. Here are my 10 tips for travel photography:

1. Location

Every place is beautiful and has its own particular look, character, and ambiance. You don’t have to necessarily travel to posh locations and go for expensive trips. You can have a lot of fun photographing your own city in your own way.


2. Timing

According to me, the best time to shoot is during the ‘golden hour’ ie after sunrise or before sunset, when you get that beautiful golden sunlight. Waking up early also means that there will be fewer people to come in the way of your photos. But I also shoot in the afternoon or night if I get the time and opportunity.


3. Research

Do a little research and investigate about the place you are going to. Try to find out the photogenic spots you will find there, the best route you can take, photography restrictions at the place, its weather conditions, culture, traditions, and so on. The best tools for travel photography research are Google, Instagram, travel blogs, and of course, YouTube!


4. Gear

You don’t compulsorily need expensive cameras or lenses to capture the beauty of a place. Work with what you have! If you don’t have a DSLR, you can start making vlogs and clicking pictures with your mobile itself.


5. Settings

If you have a camera, then avoid clicking in the auto mode. I like shooting in the aperture priority mode while clicking pictures and, shutter priority while recording videos. I use the manual mode if my subject is not moving or when I’m going to spend a long time at the spot. So I can take my time and play with the manual settings to arrive at the appropriate exposure.


6. Composition

A properly composed image hits like a bull’s eye! Follow the Rule Of Thirds. Divide your frame in a 3×3 grid; and place the most interesting part of your image along these lines or, at the intersecting points of these lines.


7. Permission

If you want to click portraits or shoot at a place where photography is restricted, please take permission before you click any photograph. What is the worst that can happen? They’ll say ‘No’. That’s it! But it is worth trying. Tell them about your passion and how you are going to use those photographs. If you have a blog, Instagram page, or YouTube channel, show them your work. It might strike a good impression.


8. Angles

Don’t photograph your subjects from one angle only. After taking an eye level shot, lay on the ground for a low angle shot, then climb over something and go for a higher angle. Also, play with distance and take wide shots, mid shots, close-ups and go crazy with your experimentation.

9. Patience

Good photography takes time. Sometimes, you may have to wait for hours at a spot to get the most photogenic moment. So wait! It’s worth it. Also, if you find something you want to photograph, don’t rush to it and start clicking crazily. Take a step back, look at your subject, analyse how you can photograph it in the best way, and then press the shutter button.


10. Tell A Story

A picture is worth a thousand words. It’s your job to convey those words in the best way you can. Every place, mountain, bird, flower, and beetle, calls out and tells its own story.  Click pictures that portray this story to your viewers in an appealing manner.


I hope you find the above tips useful for your photography. You can check out the gear that I use for my photographs right here. If you liked this blog post, please give me a star and start following me. You can connect with me with the links down below:

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Thank you :1

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