Top 7 Places To Eat In Lonavala | Best Restaurants in Lonavala

Lonavala is a beautiful hill station surrounded by lush green valleys and hills. It is the perfect weekend getaway for Mumbaikars and attracts huge crowds all year long. But if you really want to experience the culture of a place you need to delve into its food as well. Luckily, Lonavala has some amazing restaurants that let you try various and authentic cuisines. Here is my list of the 7 best places to eat in Lonavala.

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1. Hotel Chandralok

The veg thali at Hotel Chandralok is something you must not miss. It is not very expensive too. Costs Rs 400 per thali and is very tasty. It’s the 1st time I encountered a restaurant that serves unlimited dessert along with the thali. Service is also quick and the staff is very co-operative.


2. Kinara Village Dhaba

Experience the perfect vintage village feel with the ambiance of Kinara Village. They have separate restaurants for veg and non-veg food. It is better to come here for dinner rather than lunch for the beautiful lighting. They play very loud music but when I asked them to slow it down, the staff co-operated.


3. Sunny Da Dhaba

I had the best Cheese Nan of my life at Sunny da Dhaba. Although it is famous for its non-vegetarian food, they have numerous vegetarian options as well. It’s a great place to chill with your family or friends. The staff is very polite and happy to help.


4. Hotel Interval

Set with a Bollywood Theme and wonderful ambiance, Interval Restaurant is a fine restaurant at Montana Hotel,  It is located at walking distance to the ST Bus Stop and serves mouth-watering Punjabi, Chinese, and Italian delicacies.


5. Lonavala Restaurant

This is a very good restaurant located within the market area. An extended bar menu is also available. They have accommodation facilities as well. They serve North Indian, Mughlai, and Chinese cuisine.


6. Golden Wada Pav

Established in 1958, Golden Wada Pav is famous for its hot and tasty vada pav and moong dal bhaji. People were waiting in a long queue for their orders when I went there in the evening. There is no seating arrangement.


7. Rama Krishna

Although I have added Rama Krishna to the list, it is the worst restaurant I have ever been to. It is very famous but I guess too famous now. The waiters were so rude, one waiter was staring angrily at my Mom, I dunno why. The food had no salt and the Paneer Pulao hardly had any paneer in it. The hot chocolate was not mixed properly and just a mess. My parents got loose motions the next day. Please avoid Rama Krishna.



Out of these, my favourite restaurant was Hotel Chandralok. I’m very happy I went there on the 1st day of my trip itself. The food was very tasty and fulfilling. I hope you find this blog post to be useful guys. Do let me know which is your favourite restaurant in Lonavala in the comments section. Thank you!

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