Birds From My Window | Window Bird Watching in Mumbai

When the Covid-19 lockdown set in, I was a little sad as I was not able to visit the parks and wetlands in my city and photograph the beautiful birds that reside there. But the lockdown turned into a blessing in disguise, as it helped me spot some birds right from my window. We have a nice collection of trees in our society grounds, that are home to so many birds, I have never seen before. It’s as if the birds have followed me or maybe they were always there… I just didn’t have the patience to see them!

Here are some of these beautiful birds I have photographed from my window…

Purple-rumped Sunbird (Female)
Purple-rumped Sunbird (Male)
Indian Golden Oriole (Female)
Oriental Magpie Robin (Female)
Red-vented Bulbul
Coppersmith Barbet
Indian Pond Heron
Black Kite
White-browed Fantail
Common Myna
Asian Paradise Flycatcher (Female)

I hope you liked my bird photos guys. Do comment on what you want to read more on my blog. Thank you so much for reading. If you liked my blog, please give it a star and start following me. Thank you and happy clicking!

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