My Best Photography at Home in 2021 (with Nikon D5300 Kit Lens)

2021. Gosh what a year! Sitting at home, waiting for times to change, vaccine slots to be booked… But let us come to photography done in 2021. Again I was mostly at home so was photographing at home. Outdoor photoshoots didn’t happen for me as my family has been a little over-cautious. So anyway let me show you my best photos in 2021, again all from the comfort of my home.

1. Bird Photo of Robin Eating Fruit

On number 1 is my picture of a Red-vented Bulbul eating some fruit. I clicked this from my window guys, as I did not go outside for photography this year. There is a jamun tree just outside my window. It was fruiting and many birds used to come there. And I waited for many days that I could get a shot of a bird, wait sharp shot of a bird eating the fruit. And finally, I got it.

2. Miniature Christmas

I did some miniature photography at home. I was able to set up this Christmas scene with my toy friend Goopy. I used matchboxes as gifts. I stitched this little red hat for Goopy at home using an old t-shirt. And I made this Christmas tree by punching red and green holes on some newspaper and pasting them on white paper.

3. Portraits at Home

I always wanted to start with portrait photography. At home, I am the best and only model for myself. So I set the camera on my tripod and I started clicking some portraits. My best portrait according to me so far is this one with me posing with some jewellery. It’s got that bridal girl look. I guess expressions are what make a portrait.

4. Product – Spinz Deo

Photography at home continues. I clicked many products that I could find at home. I must confess most of the images are not lit well, not sharp; all that is happening as I am learning. But one image I am proud of is this composition of Spinz Deo.

5. Simple Dandiya Flatlay

Another year when I could not celebrate my festivals outside, with my friends, as there was a restriction on darshan during Ganesh Chaturthi and Navratri. I hope 2022 is better. But anyway, the photography should not stop. So I clicked some flat lays at home only. I am particularly fond of this flat lay I clicked for Navratri – it’s simple and sweet. Just dandiya I had at home, some flowers, and a photo of Maa Durga.

I hope 2022 is finally a normal year for all of us, and we are able to go to work, meet our friends, go travel, without any restrictions. If anyone is not vaccinated yet, I hope you get your chance soon. I hope you are healthy and happy and stay that way all through this year. And that you can click great photos and make better videos this year.

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