Macro Photography of Water with Raynox DCR-250 at Home (15 Ways to Shoot Water)

I love experimenting with my Raynox DCR-250. But this time I have set a photography challenge for myself. That I will only use my #Raynox to photograph water. All images will have water in some form. Should not be very difficult but let me see how creative and close I can get. So let’s get started.

I will take a spoon full of water. And carefully focusing on the spoon, will drip some water and click.
Water falling from a bottle
I have this bowl of water and with an ink dropper, I will drop some water from the top and catch the splash.
I have some leaves here on my plant friends. Just spray some water over them and click.
I have a sheet of plastic. Again will spray some water on it and click the close up.
Spray CD with water and click the rainbow drops.
Close up of some ice, ice is frozen water.
Soap dissolved in water. Let’s click the bubbles.
I’ll mix some oil in water and mix it properly so that the oil disperses a bit.
By using a red colour mug I have changed the texture colour.

I love using my Raynox DCR-250. It is a poor girl’s macro lens, and you can do so much with it. And I hope I gave you guys some cool macro photography ideas. Please follow me on social media for regular photography tips and tricks. Links down below…

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