Imagica vs. EsselWorld

Imagica and EsselWorld are amusement parks in Mumbai. Both are equally wonderful and magical. I had the time of my life and enjoyed a lot in both the theme parks.





I bring to you a detailed comparison of my favourites – Imagica and EsselWorld. Hope you like it. 🙂


According to me, EsselWorld has more rides than Imagica. Imagica has 14 family rides, 5 kids’ rides, and 5 thrill rides; whereas EsselWorld has 12 family rides, 12 kids’ rides, and 10 thrill rides. I felt the ones at EsselWorld shake a little and make noise. But the rides are safe and comfortable to sit on.

Imagica shuts all the outdoor rides from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. But EsselWorld keeps them open for the whole day. Anyway, it is better to cover the outdoor rides before 1 p.m. to avoid the scorching heat of the afternoon sun. So no complaints there. 🙂


Imagica holds a parade everyday at 6 p.m. of all the Imagica characters like Tubby, Detective Bow Wow, Mr India, Miss Hawa Hawai, Mogambo, Snow White, and so on. Many cute characters roam all around EsselWorld too.

They don’t hold the parade from June to September because of the rains. But a parade is also held everyday at 10 a.m. at Novotel Imagica. Watch my video of the parade at Novotel here.


You cannot stay at EsselWorld. You have to head back home when the park closes. But you can stay at Novotel or at any hotel in Khopoli after you visit Imagica.


I think both parks perform equally well in terms of food. You get all types of cuisine at Imagica. There are food courts also like we have them at malls. You can even go for a unlimited buffet for Rs 500. The food is tasty and good.

EsselWorld also has a number of restaurants and eateries all over the place. The prices are reasonable and the food is tasty.


I felt the staff of Imagica is very approachable and helpful. I particularly remember the names of a few. Kunal and Bhupender took us all around the place and were very polite.

The staff of EsselWorld is good; but they don’t interact with the people and don’t talk much. So we couldn’t connect with any staff member in the way we did at Imagica.



Adult (Above 12 Years): 1899.00 INR

Child (3 – 12 Years) & College Students: 1499.00 INR

Senior Citizen (Above 60Years): 999.00 INR


Adult (height above 4’6″): 949.00 INR

Child (height between 3’3″ & 4’6″): 699.00 INR

Senior Citizen (Above 60Years): 399.00 INR

Here’s my video featuring the top rides of Essel World

Now I would like to compare a few attractions:

1.  Scream Machine vs. Thunder

I could not muster the courage to experience both of them. As the name suggests, Imagica’s Scream Machine makes you scream like hell. The ride is like a rotating pendulum. Thunder at EsselWorld spins you at 360 degree with no mercy. Maybe I can brave the Scream Machine some day; but I don’t know about the Thunder.

2. Dare 2 Drop vs. Shot-N-Drop

Imagica’s Dare 2 Drop, shortly known as D2, is thrilling. But Shot-N-Drop at EsselWorld scared the hell out of me. I felt it went higher and faster than D2. Both give the perfect feeling of weightlessness; I felt that I was flying, no, dropping. 😀


Shot-N-Drop @EsselWorld

3. Nitro vs. Hoola Loop

Both are the main roller coasters of Imagica and EsselWorld respectively. Nitro is higher and faster than Hoola Loop. Hoola Loop is the only 360-degree roller coaster at EsselWorld. Imagica has 3 – Nitro, Gold Rush and Deep Space. Deep Space is an indoor roller-coaster. EsselWorld does not have an indoor roller-coaster. Nothing matches the thrill of the Nitro.

4. Salimgarh vs. Monsters of the Mist

According to me, Monsters of the Mist at EsselWorld is not at all scary. Imagica’s Salimgarh actually has ghosts pouncing all over you. **SPOILER ALERT** At the end of the ride, the cart just drops as the banshee screams at you. My sister was yelling on top of her voice.

5. Rajasaurus River Adventure vs. Aqua Drive

These are the roller-coasters that take you through water for Imagica and EsselWorld respectively. Rajasaurus takes you into a world of dinosaurs and then mercilessly throws you in a splash of water. Aqua Drive leaves you completely drenched. **SPOILER ALERT** Rajasaurus was more thrilling as the cart drops unexpectedly in the water at great speed. At EsselWorld, you can see where the cart will drop in the water.


Rajasaurus River Adventure @Imagica

According to me, Imagica is better than EsselWorld. I’ve been there twice and will not miss a chance to go again. EsselWorld is great too, but I am a little biased towards Imagica. The experience at Imagica is grand and wonderful. I call it my WonderLand. 🙂 EsselWorld is also a different world in itself and I consider myself lucky to experience both theme parks.








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