Karnala Bird Sanctuary & Fort Trek

Going for a trek was a thing I wanted to strike off from my bucket list this year. So my friends and I planned a trek to Karnala Fort. A popular weekend getaway for Mumbaikars, Karnala Fort is around 10 km away from Panvel. It was the first time I went trekking, and as always was damn excited!

Watch my complete guide to Karnala Bird Sanctuary


Karnala Fort is located within the Karnala Bird Sanctuary in Raigad district. The place is beautiful and green. The trek to Karnala is not very difficult but is not for the faint-hearted either. It takes around 2 hrs to climb and around 1.5 hrs to descend.


Reached the top!

How to Reach

We went by car. It can take you around 2 hrs to reach there by road from Navi Mumbai. If you are coming by train, disembark at Panvel Station and take a rickshaw or bus to Karnala Bird Sanctuary.


On the way


The place is beautiful. The forests are clean and well-maintained. They don’t allow you to carry plastic bags inside the park. Cute rabbits greet you at the entrance. All through the trek, we loved the greenery and beauty all around us. At the top, grey clouds roll all around you and the view leaves you awestruck. There is a small temple at the top too. 🙂


Temple at the top 🙂

What went wrong for me

  • I went to Karnala in the monsoon. Although it was lush and green, the rocks become slippery in the rains. So it becomes difficult to walk; we slipped many times. I suggest it would be better if you go in winter.
  • I went with a heavy backpack, slippery sandals, and an umbrella in my hand. If possible don’t carry any bag. Or else a small sling bag will do. Wear comfortable shoes that have a firm grip. If you are going in the rains, please go with a poncho or raincoat. The umbrella was like an added burden for me.
  • The eatery at Karnala only serves tea and snacks. Carry some food and water with you because 4 hrs worth of trekking leaves you ravenous. But while trekking, please leave the food in the car or whichever vehicle you come in.

Rock on…

Karnala Fort was the first trek I went for in my life. I had a ton of fun with my friends. I want to thank my friends for helping me climb the hill and reach the peak. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience!


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