Pros and Cons of Solo Female Travel

Travelling alone is a liberating and different experience. I believe everyone must travel solo at least once in their lifetime. But it comes with its pros and cons. Sometimes, you end up having the time of your life, and sometimes, it can be your worst nightmare!


1. You are your own boss

You can go anywhere, do anything, and be anyhow! Many-a-times, your friends can have conflicting travel plans. They want to go to the beach, whereas you want to explore the museum. So someone has to compromise on their travel plans; this can be a little heart breaking because you never know when you will come back to the same place again.


2. You get to make new friends

Since you are all on your own, you automatically become more approachable towards new people and make new friends. You can take a little help from them in understanding the local language or knowing about the local culture and cuisine. They become a part of your journey. I have made friends in Gangtok, Kalimpong, Alibaug, and many places where I went to. The best part is I can still be in touch with them via phone and social media. 😀


3. You step out of your comfort zone

You end up in a new place all by yourself. Travel can help you transform into a better and more responsible version of you. You step out of your comfort zone and that is how you grow!


4. You can travel light

When you travel in a group, you may have to stock and carry your friends’ extra luggage. This always happens with me. My friend once packed all her extra shopping bags in my suitcase. On family trips, I have to carry all the water bottles. While travelling alone, you pack only the things you require and don’t have to bother with anyone’s extra luggage.


5. It is convenient for photography and vlogging

You can take your time while clicking photos and shooting videos. There is no one asking you to hurry up. So you can experiment with your photography skills and improve them tenfold.



1. You feel lonely

I went for a solo trip on my birthday. I felt lonely as hell. I met a few locals and made friends with them. But I realised it is always best to celebrate your birthday with your family and close friends. At times, you feel the need to talk to someone, but there is nobody around. Especially at night, you are alone in your room with just your phone, a book, or the TV for company!


2. It might get a little uncomfortable

If you are a girl travelling alone to a new place, you may encounter some act of eve-teasing. I will not call it unsafe as those goons can only ogle; but you feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable. If you are in a group, nobody dares to look at you. But alone, it can be a little frightening.


3. It is a bit risky

Travelling alone is enjoyable but it is a scaring thought. If you end up in a difficult situation, you may not have anyone to bail you out. Someone stole my sister’s purse when she was on a trip at Tirupati. Thankfully, the police was very helpful and found her purse. It was a blessing her debit cards were there in the purse or else…


4. You have to make all the arrangements yourself

You have to book the flight, hotel, taxi, restaurant table, and what not all by yourself. While I was in Pondicherry, I had to check Google Maps all the time to see if I am heading in the right direction. All this can be a pain. Your trip for rest and relaxation can turn into a tense and worrisome experience. If you have someone to travel with, you can take help from them and make the arrangements together.


5. It can increase your travel costs

Travelling with someone saves your cost as you share your room, food, and vehicle with them. Now-a-days, almost all travel packages are on twin-sharing basis. So you end up paying for two even if you are going solo.


I have learnt the most important lessons of my life while travelling alone. But I prefer travelling in a group. Travelling solo is risky and costly, and it’s always better to have a friend in tow. But if you can manage it and you know where to go, you will have a great time. Happy Travelling! :1

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