My Travel Packing List

While travelling, I always make it a point to pack my stuff at least 2 days in advance. Sometimes I’m so excited, I pack over a week in advance. I usually carry two bags – a backpack and a duffel bag. Suitcases are a pain to carry around if you are going to be on the road for a few hours; so I prefer duffel bags. I take a suitcase only if it is a luxurious trip.

My mobile, watch, belt, and shoes go with me.

Here are a few items that go into my backpack:

1. Mobile Charger: I make it a point to charge my phone and portable charger, wherever I come across a charging point.

2. Portable Charger: I charge my portable charger 2 days prior to my trip. It has saved my phone from dying at countless occasions.

3. Earphones: I love listening to music while travelling.

4. Documents: One photo ID and one address proof (both original and Xerox copies) are a must for any trip. I carry my PAN card and Aadhaar card for that. I carry my passport only if I choose to travel abroad. Also, you may have printouts of your travel and flight bookings that you will need to carry.

5. Money: Your debit card and credit card are a must! Make sure your wallet is full of cash of each denomination. You don’t want to go looking for change for a majority of your trip. I also make it a point to fill my PayTM and Freecharge wallets.

6. Water Bottle: You need to stay hydrated for your trip. Carry a small water bottle if you have to take a flight.

7. Beauty Products: Moisturiser, sunscreen, face wash, lip balm, soap, and talcum powder are some beauty products I take with me for every trip. But if I have to take a flight, then they go into my duffel bag.

8. Paper and Pen: Just in case you want to write down some important information or just doodle along the way!

9. Hair accessories: Combs and a few clips or rolls are a must!

10. Sunglasses: Protecting your eyes from the UV rays of the sun is imperative.

11. Safety Pins: Always come to the rescue!

12. Basic Make-up: Some lip gloss and eye kajal are great to carry.

13. First Aid Kit: Medicines for stomach ache, common cold, fever, and pain killers, need to be with you at all time. Also some Band-Aid, cotton, and any other medicine that you require to consume.

14. Tissue Paper: For wiping your hands and face.

15. Napkin: Again for wiping your hands and face.

16. Food: Some snacks to eat along the way.

17. Plastic Bags: Opt for thick plastic bags. I carry a few small and 2 big plastic bags.

18. Newspaper: Damn useful!

19. Camera: For taking amazing pictures and videos.

20. Selfie Stick: Because the camera can’t give you the best selfie!

And here are the items that go into my duffel bag:

1. Hair Products: Shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, and other products you use for your hair.

2. Footwear: I always carry an extra pair of slippers.

3. Jewellery: I want to look my best!

4. Sling Bag: You don’t want to take that backpack for a party.

5. Make-up Kit: Take whatever make-up you like to apply.

6. Detergent: On a long trip, I wash my clothes, if I get the opportunity.

7. Toothbrush/Toothpaste: You have to brush your teeth twice a day. (Why am I writing this!)

8. More Plastic bags: They come in handy!

9. Towels and napkins: For basic hygiene.

10. Jacket: It can be cold outside.

11. Bed Sheet: It can be cold inside too.

12. Scarf: Always good to protect from the sun.

13. Sweater and thermal jacket: I carry it if I go to a very cold place like the Himalayas.

14. Blanket: Again my companion in a very cold place.

15. Bottoms: I carry jeans and pyjamas.

16. Shirts and Tops: Need lots of these.

17. Socks: A pair for each day.

18. Innerwear: Again a pair for each day.

19. Sleepwear: For well-deserved sleep time.

20. Handkerchiefs: For basic hygiene.

21. Headphones: To travel light, I carry my headphones in my duffel bag.

I always follow this list for my trips. If you want to add or subtract a few items, let me know down below in the comments section. Thank you for reading my blog post. If you like it, please give it a star and follow my blog. Happy travelling!

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