A Short Trip To Dahanu

It has become a ritual for me to go to the Mahalaxmi temple in Dahanu for darshan with my family every year. The Mahalaxmi temple is located right on National Highway Eight (NH-8) at Charoti Naka, around 120 km away from Mumbai. It is considered very auspicious as people believe that Goddess Mahalaxmi used to halt here en route to Gujarat from Kolhapur.

The ‘Mahalaxmi Yatra’ is held for fifteen days from Hanuman Jayanti at the temple every year. And I had the privilege of going to the temple on Hanuman Jayanti. There is another temple located right at the hilltop; but I did not go there.

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Because of its proximity to Mumbai, you can visit the temple at any time throughout the year.



Since it is located on the highway at Charoti Naka, I went by car. It takes around 3 hours to reach. The drive to Dahanu is very beautiful and green, especially in the monsoon.

You can also take a train and disembark at Dahanu Railway Station. Then take an auto rickshaw to reach the temple.



I was worried that I would have to face a very long queue as it was Hanuman Jayanti when I went. But there was not much crowd. The queue moves quickly and I was done with my darshan in a few minutes.

The temple is beautiful and radiates positive vibes. You feel very calm and peaceful after the darshan. I guess that is the reason why my family takes me there every year.



We were done with our darshan by 1pm. So we headed for lunch at Hotel Ahura, which is just a few minutes away from the temple. The food at Ahura was delicious and amazing. Their desserts and cookies are worth every penny. They also sell spices, cookies, bread, chips, and other such tasty food items at the counter.



Going to Dahanu temple is ideal for a one-day trip. If you long for a weekend getaway, you can go to Dahanu Beach, that takes another hour to reach by road. You can stay at Sea Crest Resort or Pearline Resort, which are located right opposite the beach.


Dahanu Beach

Once I went further to Silvassa, that is a famous for its museum, wildlife, and temples. Read my article about Silvassa here to know more about it.


Silvassa Museum

So this was my experience of going to Dahanu. Have you been to the temple or want to go there? Let me know your views down below. As always, there will be more travel related stuff coming soon.

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