Why I Love Air Travel…

It was only last year when I went on the first flight of my life. It was a 2 hour flight from Bagdogra to New Delhi. I absolutely loved it! I remember hopping all around the airport like a child; I was super excited. Wow! To fly in an actual airplane. A dream come true…


Bagdogra Airport

And here are the reasons why I will never miss the opportunity to go on an airplane. 🙂

1. Comfort

Air travel is full of luxury and comfort. I feel like a queen while travelling by air.


2. Basic facilities

You get hygienic food at your seat, free water, clean toilets, comfortable seats, and many such facilities that you may have to compromise on while travelling in a train or bus. Plus the cabin crew is more than happy to help you with whatever you need.


3. Safety

I feel very safe while travelling by air. I can travel without the fear of robbers or eve-teasers. Nobody can enter the airplane without a valid ticket and ID proof. Also my belongings are safe with the crew. Now you’ll say that the plane can crash anywhere and at anytime. That kind of fear persists in any kind of travel.


4. Convenience

You can book your tickets within a few minutes with any travel website or app of your choice. The process of boarding your flight is also very simple. Just be alert and closely follow the instructions given in your ticket and boarding pass.


Mumbai Airport

5. Saves time

It took me more than 41 hours to reach New Jalpaiguri from Mumbai by train. But in my flight, I covered the same distance in around 4 hours. So you get more time to explore the place you’re going to rather than just while away your time in the train.


6. Within my budget

If you book in advance, you’ll find that many times air fares match or are even lesser than the fares of a 3-tier AC coach ticket. Also, travel websites offer jaw-dropping deals and discounts on flight tickets.


7. Efficiency

I find air travel loads more efficient than train travel. Unless there is a valid reason, the flights are on time; the crew is well trained and co-operative too.


8. Ease in handling my luggage

In bus or train travel, I have to carry my luggage with me all the time. Also I have to keep a constant watch over my stuff to prevent it from being stolen. During air travel, I don’t have to worry much about my luggage. I am provided with trolleys to move my luggage with ease at the airport. During the flight, my belongings are stored with the crew and so I don’t have to keep a watch over them.


9. The view!

I always make it a point to web check-in for my flight. This allows me to pick my favourite window seat. 😀 The world looks more beautiful from the window seat of an airplane. Huge buildings, cars, bridges, and roads look so small and our world seems so vast. Plus if you get to view a spectacular sunrise, your flight becomes a complete paisa-vasool!


So are you an avid flyer too? How was your first flight experience? Let me know in the comments section down below. If you like my article, please give it a star and follow my blog. Thank you!


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