Top 5 Durga Devi Mandals in Mumbai during Navratri

Navratri is a 9-day Hindu festival celebrated in different parts of India in different ways to honour the charismatic Goddess Durga. In Mumbai, various homes and mandals keep idols of the Goddess and worship Her for these 9 days. I went to visit some of these beautiful mandals all over the city and have listed my five favourite ones in this post. Experience the grandeur and authenticity of Navratri at these mandals.

Here is my list of Top 5 Durga Devi Mandals in Mumbai  that you must visit.

1. Chinchpokli chi Aai Bhavani

Chinchpokli chi Aai Bhavani should be the first choice for everyone who wishes to seek Durga Devi’s darshan during Navratri. She sits at the exact spot as Chinchpokli cha Chintamani ie right next to Chinchpokli Railway Station.


2. Parel chi Devi

Located at Kamgar Maidan in Parel, Parel chi Devi is another big attraction for all who wish to seek Durga Devi’s darshan. It is located within walking distance from Parel Railway Station.


3. Lalbaug chi Mata

Lalbaug chi Mata is stationed at the exact spot of Mumbaicha Raja at Ganesh Galli, Lalbaug. It is the oldest in Lalbaug, about 90 years old, and attracts a huge crowd every year.


4. Lower Parel chi Mauli

The beautiful mandal of Lower Parel chi Mauli is located near Lower Parel Railway Station. It is one of the most popular and authentic places to evidence the enigmatic celebration of the goddess Durga.


5. Tejukaya Navratra Mandal

Tejukaya cha Raja looks grand and attracts a lot of visitors during Ganeshotsav. But during Navratri, they keep it simple with a beautiful idol of Maa Durga with very minimal decoration. It is located opposite to Lalbaug chi Mata.


I hope you can experience the beauty of  Navratri in Mumbai through these mandals. You can visit all the above places and discover your own best mandals.







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