Macro Photography Ideas at Home with Raynox DCR-250

Today I’m in the mood for some macro photography with my Raynox DCR-250. I have attached it to my AF-P 70-300mm kit lens and Nikon D5300. So let the macro photography begin!

Let’s begin with close up of some vegetables.

Close up of a leaf

Close up of my eye

Let’s click my chessboard

Woolen texture

Let’s take some safety pins. Bend them once around the middle. If you have a bigger pin, you may bend it again. But I like it this way. Now for the setup. I have downloaded a hearts bokeh background from Google and opened it on my laptop. My pins were placed on a pile of books. They look like two lovers.

Next I will place a glass of water. Put a straw in it to focus at the surface. And click a picture as I pour water into it to get this beautiful splash.

I have a bowl of water and I’m gonna drop some water slowly with an ink dropper and catch any shot. High shutter speed of 1/200 and external flash is needed. A remote helps me to click without any hassle. So I focus on the water surface by placing the dropper there. And start the action. I will press the remote when the drop falls in the bowl.  

I may add ink into the water to give it a different colour. You may add gels, milk, whatever you may have.

I will add some oil to the water and whisk the water a bit so that the oil unsettles. So I can get these patterns in the water.

I didn’t know my home is so photogenic. It’s amazing how the Covid-19 has taught me to appreciate my home. And photograph right here. I don’t have to go to Ladakh for photography, although I’d love to. Anyway, if you liked my photos, please give me a like and leave a comment. Also follow me on social media for regular photography tips and tricks. Links down below…

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