Creative Ways to Photograph the Moon

There’s one subject who is comes once a month, waits for you, dying to be photographed – The full moon. We are gonna have full moon in a few days and let’s click this highly approachable subject. Today I’m gonna give you a few ways on how you can photograph the moon in a creative and fun way. So let’s get started.

I’m gonna use my Nikon D5300 with my 70-300mm kit lens attached to it. I also have a superzoom camera Nikon Coolpix B500. I’ll try that too. And a tripod will be great. If you don’t have a tripod, maybe you can try using the support of a bench or table or any platform.

Settings: Aperture Priority, Aperture between f 6.3 and f 11, ISO 100. Since I have a tripod, I’m gonna set the least ISO and let my shutter speed be as it is. I will use Spot Metering. I’m going to use a remote to avoid further camera shake. You may also use the camera’s self timer if you don’t have a remote.

The moon is about to rise. So let me click it just as it comes up.
With my gear set, I’m gonna zoom in to the moon and frame it in my screen. When I have zoomed in, I focus on it and just click.
Similarly with my Nikon Coolpix b500, go close and click.
Now I’m gonna take a wide shot with the moon. I may increase the size of the moon in post production!
I have these leaves I’m gonna place them to the side to frame my moon so that I get a nice silhouette effect and click.
I have some nice clouds around too.
I can click a picture of a palm and add the moon in post production.
Here it looks as if the moon is held in the fingers.
Moon through the window!
I am going to take the shot of this cityscape. Add many moons in post production.

So guys go to Google, find out when the next full moon is, and start clicking!

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