Product Photography in the Kitchen (Easy Product Photography Ideas to Try at Home)

Today I am in the mood for some product photography. My kitchen is full of products, everybody’s kitchen is. So let’s learn some product photography from the kitchen.

Vim dishwash against a plain white background.
I have some biscuits and I have placed them together. Let’s zoom in and take a close-up.
Let’s add some colour to our life. The next product is nonstick tava.
Matchbox. I have made the shape of a ship here coz the brand is Ship.
Similarly I will photograph Maggi Masala.
This time some basmati rice in the flatlay setup.
Again in the same setup some masala tea.
Adding spice to my photography.
I have some cutlery. I have used lemons and tomatoes as their colours match the product’s colours.
Vicks Vaporub. We keep medicines in the kitchen. I will hold it in my hand.

It was super fun to learn product photography at home, with the products I have in my kitchen. I know my photos may not be of top-notch quality, but at least I can start. Every expert photographer was a beginner. Let’s get those brain cells to work. You don’t need expensive designer products to practice too. You can start with the products you have at home.

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