Jewellery Photography (Simple Jewellery Product and Fashion Photography at Home)

In today’s photography tutorial, I am going to try some simple jewellery cum fashion photography at home. Using the jewellery I have at home. So let’s start.

Let’s start with some natural direct sunlight. Just place some jewellery in the light and click the long shadows.

Another set up with natural direct light. The curtains are my background this time.

Using natural window light, I will click some jewellery placed on a red dupatta.

I downloaded a bokeh background from Google and opened it on my laptop. I have some jewellery kept on a black book with a stack of books down here. Let’s click.

I’m wearing some fancy rings. I will take a close-up. Rest my hand on my shirt and focus.

I have a grid and diffuser attached to my flash. I have some earrings placed on my palm and let’s click.

I have spread some curry leaves on a table and have placed some jewellery in this setup. With my flash again, let’s click.

I have some bangles. Let’s pose with them.

I have a necklace. I will wrap it around my wrist and click a tight portrait again.

Now I have placed the softbox behind me. I will take some jewellery and pose in front to get a nice silhouette.

See how simple that was. Was simpler than I thought it would be.

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