Black & White Portrait Photography at Home (Monochrome Portrait Photography)

Let’s get straight to work and start clicking some black and white portraits. Most of them will be self-portraits. Let me see what I can do.

First I am going to use the natural window light coming from my windows.
Now I will use a prop – a dupatta. I’ll just drape it over me and again take a close-up.
Once again I will use my black dupatta and drape it to one side of my face. Go close.
If you have a bad hair day, don’t worry. Just let your hair fall freely in that messy way and click a portrait.
I am gonna use an external flash with a diffuser as the light source attached to my camera, directly in front of me and lighting me above my eye level.
I will place the flash off-camera and hold it in my hand on one side and click the same portrait.
I have moved a table against the wall. I will sit down and pose as if I am looking up. I am only using my room’s ambient light here.
I’ll use this pencil as a prop. Just hold it in a funny pose and click. Again this is clicked in the room’s ambient light.
I will place a glass full of water in front of me, such that I get a reflection of my face in it and make a dramatic portrait.
On the glass of my cupboard, I have sprinkled some water and again I have my flash attached to my camera and I’m gonna bounce it from the ceiling. I will click through the glass portrait.

So guys I hope my portrait photography gives you some ideas and many great photographs!

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