15 Food Photography Ideas With Tea (Food Photography if you have a cup of tea) 

Let me show you some food photography ideas with tea. They can be super useful if you are a lazy cook like me.

Let’s start with a cup of tea on some cloth and a biscuit

With a book, my kinda chai time will obviously have Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

I’ll place some cardamom around my teacup

Tea placed on a sweater for a nice winter feel

Tea in a kullad with some spices here and there

Let’s take a macro shot too

Natural light is always best. The sunlight coming in through my balcony makes such cool patterns. I’ve placed my tea cup on a black cloth.

I have two teacups here

I’ll skip the tea and just place the tea powder in a saucer

Now let’s bring in some tea

Doing food photography with such easy things as tea, makes me believe that it is not necessary to be a cook or a food stylist to start with food photography. You can work with whatever you have in your kitchen. Like a cup of tea!

So guys I hope my food photography gives you some ideas and many great photographs!

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