Mumbai Ganpati Darshan 2022 (9 Mandals in Parel, Lalbaug, Kalachowki, & Byculla)

Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated to appease the Elephant-God, so that He may bring good fortune and rid our lives of obstacles and difficulties. Many people bring an idol of Lord Ganesh to their homes. Mandals organise public celebrations by welcoming huge idols with beautiful decor.

Lord Ganesh resides in our hearts. But these mandals from Parel to Byculla bring out the cheer and grandeur of Ganesh Chaturthi in the best way.

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1. Parel Cha Raja


2. Outside Nare Park, Parel

3. Lal Maidan, Parel

4. Outside Lal Maidan, Parel

5. Hiramani Super Market, Lalbaug

6. Kalachowkicha Mahaganpati

7. Girangaoncha Raja

8. Rani Baug cha Vignharta

9. Rani Baug cha Chintamani

I wish you have a great Ganesh Chaturthi full of joy and prosperity. Ganesh Chaturthi is one of my favourite festivals, because my city, Mumbai, is full of so many colours, lights, and activities. Capturing all these festivities of Ganeshutsav is a must.

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