Simple Food Photography Ideas with Nikon Coolpix B500 (for the Lazy Photographer)

Here is my food photography, wait lazy food photography tutorial with my Nikon Coolpix B500. Lazy? Why is that you ask? Because we are not gonna cook and click photos of whatever I can find in the kitchen. So let’s be off.

First, I’m gonna try some minimalistic vegetable photography. Just place a vegetable against a plain background.

Like a capsicum. I’m using a black dupatta as my background. Simply keeping my B500 on a tripod, focusing and clicking.

Close up of some okra

Green Peas on a white background

Let’s click some patterns, shall we?

Patterns of spices like cardamom


Toast with butter. We can make some quick toast right, not that lazy. Or else you may use plain bread.

Some spices I have arranged in these spoons

Now it’s time to delve into some cashews

Let’s bring in some biscuits

Some fresh curd against a black background

Pasta is arranged like so in rows. Yes, we are not gonna cook.

You know I was scared all this while of food photography but it turned out to be pretty smooth. It is not very difficult at all. If you liked my photos, please give me a like and leave a comment. Also follow me on social media for regular photography tips and tricks. Links down below…

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