Mobile Photography at Aqua Imagicaa (Action Photography with Mobile Phone Camera)

Hey guys. I went to Aqua Imagicaa, a famous water park located at Khopoli on the outskirts of Mumbai, and I did not take my camera along for a change as we are in a picnic mood. But that does not mean I didn’t photograph. Coz I had my humble mobile phone with me. Water parks are full of action, water splashes, and high energy, and I came across some cool moments. So let me show you some mobile photography at Aqua Imagicaa. Let’s get started.

This slide is cool; as soon as a person comes sliding down we will catch the splash, here they come…
Also will click a picture from the front so I get good symmetry.
In the pool we have a group of friends in the foreground, so I can isolate them.
This slide is so colourful and has perfect symmetry.
Now waiting for a few people to give my shot some activity and energy.
This child looks so cute.
More children playing in the pool, I like the blue colour which adds minimalism to my shot.
Let us click a wide shot and have this dog here. He does not require any ticket to come to Aqua Imagicaa.
Here again, is a moment worth clicking of an employee going about his day.
Fun chatting with friends!

So guys I hope my mobile photography gives you some ideas and many great photographs!

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