My Best Photography in 2022 with Nikon D5300 Kit Lens (Photography Countdown)

Wishing you all a happy 2023 and I hope you guys had a great 2022 as well. Last year was better; I could finally get outside for some street and nature photography, finally. And this year I hope to do even more outdoor photography. But today I am going to show you my 5 best photos of 2022. Let’s get started.

1. Jewel Bug

After 2 whole years, I finally went for a photowalk at Maharashtra Nature Park. The last time I went was on 08 Mar 2020, after that, we had a complete lockdown. But it is good that we can now finally start going outside safely. So a very cute Jewel Bug gave me this shot, which I clicked with my Raynox DCR 250, of course.

2. Rose

I got a new plant friend at home, a beautiful rose one. So I sprinkled some water on it and went close with my Raynox.

3. Play Time With Bappa

And after 3 years I could finally get outside for some fresh air and click some Ganpati photos. Out of all the cool and colourful Ganpatis I clicked, my favourite is this moment, where two boys were playing carom at a Ganpati Mandal.

4. Sunglasses

I continued with some self-portraits this year too. One self-portrait I liked was this. The challenge here was the sunglasses. When I first started shooting, the softbox I was using was being reflected in the sunglasses. I placed it a little above my head so that it does not get reflected.

5. Pacman

Photography is a game. So let’s show it literally. I placed a black cloth and on it some biscuits to make a Pacman shot.

So guys these were some photos I wanted to show you for the New Year. I hope this year is great for you guys in terms of your health, wealth, photography, career, and everything!

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