Using RAYNOX DCR 250 for Products! (Macro Product Photography with Raynox 250)

I have used my Raynox DCR 250 for food photography, insect photography, flower photography, water photography, leaf photography. But can we do some product photography with it as well? Let us find out.

First I have my watch. I have taped it to my table. Behind it, at 45-degree angle, I placed my flash with a ball diffuser attached to it. And I will take a paper plate to bounce the light. With my Raynox on my lens let us focus. I will also set my camera in such a way that I get a fully black image. So that the light of the flash only hits the product and I cancel all ambient light.
Next sunglasses. Just holding them at a 90-degree angle from the light.
These sunglasses come in this case. So let us photograph the textures of it too.
This is an old t-shirt I have. Its logo looks very cool.
Camera batteries they are a product too.
After camera accessories, let us not forget the camera itself. The right will be behind my camera. But this time I have attached a red colour gel to my flash. So if I direct the flashlight from above, I will get beautiful red rim light.
I have a ring. I have placed it on my mobile, so that I get a beautiful reflection. Light will be placed directly facing the ring.
Now I will take the same shot but I have changed my lens to a 70-300mm and I will go close to the jewel.
I have a pen. I will use the silver side of a paper plate as my background for a metallic look.

That was so much fun. The intention of my making this video is that you guys know that even with basic lenses and equipment you can definitely create some amazing and professional-looking images.

I love using my Raynox DCR-250. It is a poor girl’s macro lens, and you can do so much with it. And I hope I gave you guys some cool macro photography ideas. Please follow me on social media for regular photography tips and tricks. Links down below…

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