Backpack vs. Suitcase – Who Wins?

While travelling, I always find myself wondering whether I should carry all my stuff in a backpack or suitcase. I have experimented with both and have found that both are useful in diffirent circumstances. There are significant advantages and drawbacks to each type of luggage.

Read ahead to find out when I prefer using a backpack and when I like to go with a suitcase.

When to use a backpack

1. Long Distance Walking

Backpacks are useful if you have to walk for a considerable amount of time during your journey. You will get exhausted walking around with your luggage in a suitcase. e.g. Sometimes your hotel may be located just a few minutes away from the airport. But dragging a suitcase even for these few minutes can be a pain.


2. Train Travel

While travelling in train, it becomes difficult to handle a heavy suitcase. So I prefer taking a backpack that I can easily carry around with me.


3. Many Transfers

For my Pondicherry trip, I had to first go to Chennai by air. From Chennai airport, I had to reach Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus to take a bus all the way to Pondicherry. After alighting at Pondicherry, I had to hunt for an auto to take me to my hotel. I am very thankful I took everything in a backpack and duffel bag for this trip.


4. Short Duration

If you are going for a one-day or two-day trip, ditch the suitcase. All your stuff can easily fit into your backpack.


5. Trekking/Hiking

If you want to go trekking, hiking, or undertake any such strenuous activity, a backpack is a must. C’mon backpacks have been built for such adventure tours.


When to use a suitcase

1. Luxury Travel

Travelling in a comfortable car that will drive you straight to your destination? Then take everything in your suitcase. You can keep the suitcase in your room and travel with a small purse or backpack while sightseeing.


2. Work Travel

You can store your clothes in an organsied way in a suitcase. So if you’re travelling for a conference or formal meeting, it is better to carry your luggage in a suitcase to keep your stuff in order.


3. You Have A Lot Of Luggage

If you have lots of luggage, take a suitcase. Because carrying all that luggage in a backpack will only make your back hurt.


4. Long Duration

If you are going for more than 3 days, it is always advisable to carry a suitcase. Plus such long trips increase your probability of shopping for more products. I took only one duffel bag for a 10-day long vacation to Gangtok as our trip involved a lot of transfers and train travel. But I shopped for so many items, I had to buy another duffel bag. It becomes cumbersome to carry so many duffel bags. The picture down below also includes my friend’s luggage, so don’t be appalled. 😀


5. Family Trips

It is good to store the luggage of all the family members in one suitcase, rather than taking separate backpacks for everyone.


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