How to Stay Healthy on the Road

Travelling for more than 4 hours on the road can be tough and stressful. I have listed down these 10 things you can follow to stay healthy and reduce unnecessary stress while on the road.

1. Water

Drink small quantities of water at regular intervals. Don’t drink too much water at a go because it will be a pain for you to find a bathroom every now and then on the road. Avoid aerated drinks as they are high in sugar and cause dehydration.


2. Proper Planning

Study the route you will take thoroughly. See where you will find restaurants, petrol pumps, etc. to be prepared and avoid wasting time in searching for them.


3. Eat Right

Try eating small quantities of food at regular intervals. Pack healthy and tasty snacks like nuts, biscuits, fruits, etc. in your car or backpack. Avoid overeating because it will leave you feeling sluggish and sleepy.


4. Sleep Well

I consider it a blessing if I can complete 8 hours of sleep on a trip. Nevertheless, I try to sleep for 5-6 hours a day while travelling. I take naps in the car to make up for my lost sleep.


5. Avoid Junk Food

When you are on the road, you mostly get to eat at dhabas and restaurants that serve junk food. Try to avoid them and go for healthier food items like idlis, theplas, and so on. If you have to eat junk food, make sure it is hot and fresh.


6. Keep Your Cool

While travelling, most of the time things don’t go as expected. You may lose your way, get lots of traffic, or may not find a good restaurant, and so on. It is imperative you don’t panic and keep your cool. Getting angry or panicky only makes things worse and does not solve the problem. Whereas, keeping a cool head always helps.


7. Choose Comfort Over Money

Don’t compromise on your comfort just to save a little money. e.g. I always prefer an AC bus ticket over a non-AC one. The comfort you get in the scorching heat from an AC bus is much more than the rise in its ticket fare.


8. Watch Your Posture

Make sure that you are seated comfortably. Sit straight, don’t hunch! Take frequent breaks to stretch yourself and breathe some fresh air.


9. Mind The Sun

Protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun by wearing sunscreen with more than SPF 30. Also use sunglasses, caps, hats, and whatever you find useful.


10. Mild Exercise

You have to leave for your trip at sharp 7 a.m. in the morning. So where is the time to exercise? But you don’t need to do a heavy and extensive workout. Simple exercises for about 15-20 minutes are enough to energise and tone up your body.


To fully enjoy your trip, it is important to stay healthy and happy. I hope these tips help you do just that. If you liked my post, please give it a star and start following my blog for more such travel tips. Thank you!

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