Food Photography for the Lazy Photographer (Simple Food Photography at Home)

Do you want to try food photography but like me, you hate to cook? Then this article is for you where I do some food photography without cooking anything. Just with the stuff available in my kitchen. Yes, it’s possible. Let me show you how.

Take a chilly and just cut it up. And place it together like so, in the shape of a chilly on a black cloth background.

Green peas placed on a spoon and just held in front of my black background.

Pasta. Let’s mix them up.

Pasta with a few ingredients in such a composition. Yes, we are not gonna cook.

Some fennel seeds or saunf on a spoon.  Also, its powder placed on a small plate.

Next I’m gonna play with some biscuits. Pacman biscuit!

Place some biscuits neatly in rows and have the middle one broken

Same thing I can do with nuts. Some almonds placed on white paper.

Nuts with a spoon.

Place a tea cup. Then some milk, tea powder, sugar, and cardamom.

I’m happy that I am lazy. According to me, photography is more about the composition and technique rather than the dish. As a photographer, you should be able to spot the beauty in everyday things and make them stand out. If you liked my photos, please give me a like and leave a comment. Also follow me on social media for regular photography tips and tricks. Links down below…

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