One Product, Different Compositions (10 Ways to Photograph the Same Product)

Hey guys I’m Sonika. Today I am gonna photograph the product – My Lakme Facewash, in 10 different ways at home with the equipment I have. 10 ways! Is it even possible? Let’s find out.

To start I have placed my product on white paper. I have directed my flash to light the subject from one side. To cover the shadows on the other side, I am gonna use the white side of a paper plate.

Now instead of white, I am gonna use two colours – Orange and Yellow ie the colours of my product. I am using old t-shirts here as the backdrop.

I am using an old bedsheet and I have laid my product there. Directing my flash to it again. And again bouncing light through a reflector.

I have placed my product in a tub of water. Let’s pour some drops of water from above and catch the ripples.

I have taken some soap water in the tub. And we are gonna shoot this.

Since we are fans of natural light. I will place the product in a sunlit area in my room, like this sofa. Underexpose a bit and just click.

Since my facewash is of lemon fragrance, I am gonna place some lemons and leaves next to it and click.

Same thing on a wood background and another composition.

Again another composition with more leaves and a plate. This is in natural light again.

For my next composition, I have clicked images of lemons from many angles. Let’s take the files in Photoshop and cut out the lemons and the facewash.

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