10 Things to Know About Aqua Imagicaa (Watch before your trip to Aqua Imagicaa)

Are you planning a trip to Aquamagica? Well, then this video may be helpful to you as today I am going to share with you 10 things that you need to know before your trip. So let’s splash ahead.

10 things to know before your Aquamagica trip

  1. Cost – The ticket cost is Rs 699 + GST. If you get a discount or combo offer, it may be useful. You may keep an eye out for the same on their website. Ticket price does not include food and conveyance, but you can access all the rides any number of times. You can buy an express ticket; it may be expensive, but you can avoid the long queues at the big rides.
  2. Timings – Imagicaa Water Park is open on all days. Water Park’s timings are 10:30 am to 6 pm. Since you are going to get wet, it may be a good idea to start changing and getting ready by 5 pm, coz also after 5.30 pm all the changing and shower rooms may get crowded.
  3. Food Restrictions – No food or drinks can be brought inside the park premise. You may be allowed to carry some water but the food is not allowed at all. You may have to leave your bag outside in a locker. Best is you don’t bring food or keep it outside or keep it in your vehicle if you have one.
  4. Restaurants – If you are looking for food, my 1st recommendation is Ammos Food Court. Ammos has an unlimited buffet in both veg and nonveg, so it is great for lunch. You can also go for their combo meals if you don’t want to have the buffet. Sunbeatz is the Italian restaurant at Aquaimagica, it serves delicious pizzas, pasta, amazing! After lunch, we are in the mood for some snacks and the best place for snacks is Red Bonnet Express, which serves burgers, French fries, good for snacks.
  5. Shopping – There are shops located inside the park selling exclusive Imagicaa merchandise. You can buy towels, clothes, chocolates, whatever you want at reasonable rates.
  6. Locker Rent – Since you will go into the pool, it makes sense to deposit your valuables, watch, mobile, purse, etc in a locker. There are plenty of lockers available on rent at Aquamagica. Locker Rent is Rs 400, of which Rs 200 is refunded when you submit the key while checking out.
  7. Locker Key – The key for the locker is very cool. It is shaped like a band so you can wear it in the water and not worry about losing it. Just by touching the key to the sensor, the locker door opens and you can safely keep your stuff inside.
  8. Towel Rent – Like lockers, you may also take towels on rent, towel rent is Rs 300, of which Rs 200 is refunded when you return it. Or else you may also buy some towels from the store at Aquaimagica.
  9. Clothing – Only nylon and lycra clothing are allowed on all slides and attractions. Swimwear is available for purchase at the stores; for hygiene reasons, they do not provide swimwear on rent. You may buy a cover for your mobile to keep it safe in the water.
  10. Loopy Woopy – There may be a few restrictions on the rides, especially the big ones. But if you are of sound body and mind, you may not worry at all. But there is one ride called Loopy Woopy where you zoom through a 39 feet free-fall drop with no tube or mat to hold on to. This ride strictly requires each rider (both men and women) to be in one-piece swimwear. If you want to know about the various rides of Aquamagica and their difficulty levels, I have made a detailed video which you can watch right below.

So guys there is no doubt that Aqua Imagicaa is one of my favourite spots for some amusement and thrill. It is a great weekend getaway from Mumbai or Lonavala. Do visit and have a lot of fun.

Thank you!

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