Christmas Portrait Photography (Simple Portrait Photography Ideas for Christmas)

Christmas brings to my mind the colours red, green, and white. Where we have colours, we have to photograph. Here I am doing some Christmas photography at home using some props and lights easily available. I hope you like my photographs. Happy Christmas!

I will simply pose in front of the background with a Christmas hat
Posing against my window. I am wearing a beanie hat and holding a mug in my hand. Perfect cuppa for Christmas!
I have some fairy lights that we use for Diwali. I have taped them to my window. I will use these lights as my background.
Now I have placed the fairy lights on a plain red background. I will underexpose the scene and click. I can switch the camera to manual focus and click an out-of-focus image of the lights to get beautiful bokeh background.
Now I will tape a cutout to my lens hood. Attach the lens hood to my camera lens. Now my lights will take the shape of my cutout.
I will place Goopy a little away from the lights so that I can get bokeh
My toy friend Goopy with his Christmas gifts

So guys I hope my Christmas photography gives you some ideas and many great photographs!

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